Seo Agency

SEO is a set of actions that are aimed at developing a website and adapting it to search engine algorithms.

Using SEO you can improve the position of the website for existing queries and bring it to the search engines top. Promotion of websites in the top lines of search engines for commercial results allows you to quickly develop your business and increase income.

When is SEO website optimization required?

  1. The website is morally, visually and technically outdated, the information is irrelevant. A complete redesign or an absolute restart of the website will be a new round of success.
  2. The website is not suitable for advertising traffic. Specialists conduct a complete analysis of the website and, if they see that there are no call-to-action elements, feedback buttons, or “order” functions, they also optimize it.
  3. Search Engine Optimization needed.

After a thorough analysis, experts say whether visible or invisible changes are required to the website.

Invisible changes on the website are:

  • page layout and indexing;
  • removal of duplicates;
  • moving the website to another CMS.

Visible changes include:

  • improvement of content and functionality;
  • changing text, pictures, photos/videos;
  • adding a feedback form.

Such improvements visually change the website. There will also be functional changes. It should be convenient for users to search for the necessary information on the website, to place an order. Working on the website structure is part of SEO optimization.

A good tool to increase activity on the website is online chat. So the user sees that they are ready to help him right now and the path from viewing the product, service to purchase is reduced. Communication with the client increases his time on the page, which is positively evaluated by search engines and has a positive effect on raising the position of the website in the top of search results.

Up-to-date SEO services from digital agency Traf.House

After a full analysis of the website, our experts will offer a further strategy for work.

Traf.House provides the following services:

  • Connection to the analytics system. The programs will track and analyze the visitor’s behavior, which will allow you to add, change existing marketing tools.
  • Technical SEO audit. Specialists check the technical component of the work, give an opinion on the detection or absence of errors, technical specifications for their elimination.
  • Internal website optimization. Improving page quality for search engines.
  • External website optimization. Placing crowd links on thematic websites, third-party resources to increase brand awareness.
  • Content optimization. The website is being filled with useful and correct material from the search engines point of view. For this, copywriting specialists can be involved.
  • Analysis of the work results on monitoring requests for positions of the semantic core.

It is also worth mentioning the services of crowd marketing, which is an effective tool for increasing sales. Specialists monitor reviews and mentions of companies in social networks, communicate with a loyal audience. This improves the brand reputation, which leads to a direct traffic increase.

Why SEO for your website?

The choice of SEO is a long-term investment, because even if the website is in the top today, it may move down tomorrow, because search engine ranking methods are constantly changing.

SEO optimization is necessary for:

  • search engine optimization of the resource for the main criteria for ranking in the top;
  • retention of leadership positions in the occupied niche;
  • attracting the target audience to the website;
  • increasing brand loyalty.

After the audit of the website and high-quality SEO optimization, you will not wait long for the result. The main advantage of such marketing tools is that it gives a long-term result after just 4-6 months.