There are ORM (Online Reputation Management) and SERM (Search Engine
Reputation Management) marketing tools to create a positive image in the network.

Traf.House specialists know exactly how to conduct an initial reputation audit, quickly identify weaknesses and get rid of negativity. In their hands, such powerful tools like ORM and SERM are a direct path to success for your business.

ORM and SERM: What is it?

SERM – a set of services for managing the company’s reputation in search engines.

At the Traf.House digital agency, you can order a SERM service, which includes:

  • Online reputation analysis

    An audit is necessary to identify the strengths, weaknesses of the company, errors in communication.

  • Study and analysis of search results

    Information on the network is collected by search queries. It helps to identify reputational risks, understand the way to eliminate them, and give a qualitative response to negative reviews.

  • Clear management and control of search engine results

    Responding quickly to brand negativity with the suitable response helps maintain a positive reputation in the eyes of customers.

  • Get rid of social media negativity

    It’s achieved through prompt placement in popular media, on websites with reviews and resources where negative comment of reputational articles and press releases appeared.

  • Reaction & Review

    Brand comments cannot be removed. It is important to show your customer focus, demonstrate the ability to bring up fair solution with the customer. A friendly position and the ability to communicate properly with customer is the key to success.

  • Working out with search suggestions

    Sometimes, suggestions with negative keywords appear in Google. It spoils the image of the company. SERM specialists are working on removing them and filling in prompts with positive requests.

ORM – a set of services to manage the company’s reputation in the network.

There are 4 reasons for ordering ORM from digital agency specialists:

  1. Forming the primary image of a business or individual person to increase the level of trust from potential customers.
  2. Supporting the current reputation in a positive way.
  3. Protecting reputation from information attacks. The agency’s specialists maintain a positive image of the company paying attention to the ever-increasing negative. This also applies to unpleasant reviews which you can find in searching results.
  4. A complete replacement of the biography, the story of the person instead of the existing facts. The search engine will give out to the top the information that the agency specialists launch.

What are the signs that you have to pay attention to web reputation management?

  • Lack of information about the company, the person in the network.
  • There are no positive brand reviews on the first page of the search engine.
  • False information on the network spoils the image of the company.
  • The brand is just starting its path to success and it needs to create a positive image.
  • New growth points are urgently needed at the time of crisis in the company’s work.