PPC Agency

PPC advertising is a specially designed online advertising model, the main function of which is “pay per click”. This type of contextual advertising differs from the others because the advertiser pays for each user click on its link.

It is important to know that this contextual advertising is already targeted at its audience at its start. The result of this advertisement can be assessed in a short time.
Of course, we are talking about properly configured advertising, which can be launched by the best specialists of the Traf.House digital agency.

Contextual advertising technology

Online advertising is placed on several platforms and they all work on a similar principle. The auction is held if there is free space for the keyword in the first line of the issue.

The advertiser is selected according to 2 parameters:

  1. Click price.
  2. Quality score that includes ad relevance and the number of expected clicks (CTR).

Such an equation is considered basic for marketers, describing the general concept of launching an advertising campaign.

What will the use of PPC marketing be?

There are many reasons why companies choose paid search for themselves.

As for contextual advertising, 3 indicators can be distinguished as the main ones:

  1. With the help of PPC, it is possible to control the financing of advertising.

    The company sets the maximum budget, additionally sets the desired location and other characteristics for placing banners. The price will vary depending on the chosen platform.

  2. PPC is always fast.

    After the announcement of the final price, the banners are put up for auction, and the platforms select the best offers. Of course, they are interested in profit, so approval for placing banners can be obtained within a day. After that, if necessary, adjustments can be made, which is very convenient.

  3. Results tracking.

    Marketers have a full report on impressions, clicks, conversions. Contextual advertising rates can be easily adapted due to constant monitoring.

PPC Efficiency

Before ordering a contextual advertising service, it is important to calculate its effectiveness. This parameter is evaluated not only by the cost of a click, but the return on investment (ROI) is also taken into account.

The main purpose of ordering PPC advertising:

  • low cost per click;
  • increase in targeted traffic;
  • good conversion rate.

These factors lead to an increase the return on investment, and the company begins to work efficiently.

Benefits of PPC

Contextual advertising service allows you to quickly increase sales and enlarge your loyal audience. It also has other benefits:

  • Easy to track. Platforms offer built-in settings for tracking PPC effectiveness.
  • Launch control. The advertiser chooses at what time and even days users will see advertising banners.
  • Focus on “your” audience. Ads will be seen by those who have already searched for a similar product, service in the specified regions. Banners can be displayed on different types of devices, which is very convenient.

In Traf.House you can order online advertising services at a bargain price. Our specialists are well-informed in the advertising market and have the necessary tools for effective work. Entrust your advertising campaign to the best specialists and be sure of the perfect result.